FIND US! FRIDAY 5-8pm, Otaki Yard, OTAKI | SUNDAY 8-2.30pm Harbourside Market, WGTN.


Zaaffran is a family business and was created out of a love for food and culture. Food that is both nourishing and tasty. And a culture that is rich and exotic.

Hassan has been cooking for himself since he was 11 years of age working with a spice merchant in Casablanca. Many of his cooking secrets have been passed down for generations from his nomadic ancestors who survived off the land they lived on. Hassan, like most Moroccans, eats food to enjoy. It has to be tasty.

Zaaffran has been touring around Wellington’s best food markets and events with our food trailer since 2012. From weddings to film sets, school fairs to street festivals, migrating kitchens to sold out world tours. Hopefully you have seen us around!

Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, and we make as much as possible from scratch. We don’t add any unnecessary fillers or preservatives and we choose to support small family businesses wherever possible, while maintaining quality, because we believe it’s better for our economy.

Hassan roasts and grinds his own spices, and our specialty spice mixes are based on family traditions. Hassan’s family have relied on roots, herbs and spices for healing many ailments for generations.

We take great pride in sharing a little piece of our Moroccan culture with you. Check out the video below created by the lovely folks at Wellington City Council & Harbourside Market.




"First time trying Zaaffran..... amazing!!!! Moroccan chicken wrap was delicious and huge. Service was fantastic.... highly recommend"

"Tried this yesterday and seriously one of the best things I've put in my mouth! Great food!"